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Pad See Ew (serves 2)

Pad See Ew (serves 2)

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Recipe boxes are completely shelf-stable and include pre-portioned spices, herbs, noodles, rice, sauces, and other ingredients. 

Description: Wide rice noodles sauteed with Chinese broccoli and chicken in a brown savory sauce. 

Southern Thailand stretches from just south of Bangkok and continues down to the Malaysia border. Because of its’ proximity to Malaysia, a number of the the dishes found in Southern Thailand seem to carry some influences from its’ neighbor.

Pad See Ew is a popular stir-fried fresh rice noodle dish that has become well-known in Thai cuisine, but is believed to have Chinese and Malaysian roots. The fresh rice noodles very much make this dish and once coated in the dark soy-based sauce become downright addictive.

Suggested ingredients to add:

Chicken / Tofu, choice of vegetables, shallot, garlic