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Organic Star Anise (0.65 oz)

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Other names: Bead tree, margosa 

Appearance: Five to ten rich dark brown seed pods make up a star. The seeds inside the pods are a consistent light brown. 

Typically used: Whole or ground 

Origin: Star anise, the star shaped fruit of an oriental tree, originated in China and Vietnam. 

Flavor: Bitter and reminiscent of anise 

Aroma: The pods smell of licorice and are stronger than normal anise. 

Culinary uses: Star anise can be used whole, in sections, or ground. A little goes a long way with this spice as the flavor is strong. The spice is used in sweets, with the addition of sweeteners to combat the bitterness, but is more commonly found in meat and poultry dishes. It is an ingredient in the warming Indian spice blend, garam masala, and Masala chai. Star anise fits wonderfully in tomato sauces and braised beef dishes. The spice is very common in Chinese cuisine, including soups, sauces, meat and chicken dishes, and eggs. Star anise is an ingredient in the spice blend, Chinese five spice.