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Cookie Decorating Beginner Kit by Haniela's

Cookie Decorating Beginner Kit by Haniela's

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This set of supplies is the perfect place to start on your cookie-making adventure. Your purchase includes cookie mix, royal icing mix and all the supplies you'll need to make a wide variety of decorated cookies.

Yield: 24 cookies

What's included:

  • Royal Icing
  • Sugar Cookie Mix
  • Heart Cookie Cutter 3.6"
  • Tipless 12 inch Piping Bags (10 count)
  • Square Plaque Frame Tin Cookie Cutter 4.25"
  • Chefmaster Super Red
  • Chefmaster Lemon Yellow
  • Chefmaster Rose Pink
  • Chefmaster Sky Blue
  • Ateco Petal Tip 104
  • Edible Black Markers (set of 2)

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