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"Basanti" Saffron Pulao by Playful Cooking (serves 4)

"Basanti" Saffron Pulao by Playful Cooking (serves 4)

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Designed by Playful Cooking

Recipe boxes are completely shelf-stable and include VEGAN pre-portioned spices, herbs, lentils, rice, and other ingredients. 

Description: Sweet and aromatic saffron pilaf with cashews

Bengali "Basanti" Saffron Pulao, also known as Mishti Pulao (Sweet Pilaf), is a quintessential dish during celebrations. Bengalis love their rice, be it lunch or dinner, and during the festive season plain rice is uplifted with fragrant saffron,whole spices, nuts and raisins.

A little sweet, salty and aromatic Basanti Pulao is a pleasure for your taste-buds and is best paired with a traditional Kosha Mangsho, or any spicy and rich stew or curry.

What's in the box:

  • Sona Masoori rice
  • Cinnamon stick
  • Bay leaves
  • Green cardamoms
  • Cloves
  • Golden raisins
  • Cashews
  • Saffron threads
  • Raw sugar

What you'll need at home: 

Salt, ghee/butter/oil

Allergies warning: contains nuts