Feel free to email us at hello@globalbelly.com with any questions and we'll respond as soon as possible





1. What comes in the Pantry-kit? 

Pantry-kits include all the non-perishable ingredients you need to cook the recipe. All the dry ingredients such as spices, nuts, herbs, noodles, breads, rice, and the recipe card are included. Same easy and fun recipes that you can cook whenever you want!

You will just need to purchase easily accessible items like onions, tomatoes etc. 

2. When do you ship these items?

 All items, including pantry-kits, ship within 3-5 business days. 

3. Where do you ship pantry-kits and other items?

All products ship nationwide.


Recipe Meal-Kits (coming soon!)

1. What actually comes in the meal-kit box? 

Each meal-kit box includes all the fresh ingredients like vegetables and proteins, as well as spices, noodles, bread and rice. It also includes easy-to-follow recipe cards to cook delicious recipes in ~30 minutes. Each recipe feeds 2 people comfortably.  

You will also receive a "culture guide" to guide you as you explore a new region with each and every recipe!

2. When will my food be delivered? 

We ship every week, and deliver boxes on Thursday or Friday of that week. Your first box will be delivered 5 or more days after you place the order.

3. When will I be charged? 

When you first subscribe with us, you will be charged immediately. For all subsequent renewals, you will be charged 5 days before your next delivery.  

4. How can I change my recipe selections? 

You will choose the recipes for your first order before you complete checkout and place the order. For all future deliveries, you can choose your recipes directly via your Account. 

Login to your Account via: https://globalbelly.com/account

Once you are logged in, click on Manage Subscriptions -> Upcoming Orders. Pick your selections to change your recipe selections.

5. Do you have vegetarian options?

Our menu always has the same number of vegetarian (and several of them are vegan) recipes as we have other recipes. 

All our Thai recipes are vegan friendly. And they are Gluten Free friendly as well as the only ingredient with gluten is usually just the soy sauce. Email us for more information about this. 

6. How long will the food stay fresh? 

We recommend you cook all meals within 5-7 days of receiving the box. For certain recipes, for example those that include fish, we recommend you cook them earlier in the week, preferably within 3 days of receipt for best results. 

7. Are Global Belly meals healthy?

We source the highest quality ingredients for each of our recipes so that you can enjoy fresh and nutritious meals. You are going to cook from scratch and we believe this is the only way to truly have a healthy diet - when you are able to see each and every ingredient that you are cooking with. 


Subscription Plans and One-Time Orders

1. Will I be locked into a contract?

Absolutely not. 

1. You can make a one-time purchase which is subscription free. Order whenever you like, as much as you like.

2. If you do choose to subscribe, unlike other companies, we make it really easy to skip or cancel your subscription. Simply log in to your Account and cancel your plan or skip delivery any number of times you want. Our subscription is extremely flexible and totally customisable.  

2. Is there a minimum commitment?

No. There is no minimum commitment at all.  

3. How can I change my subscription plan? 

When you log in to your Account, you will see information about your subscription under the section “Your Subscriptions”. Click on the button titled “Edit” to change your subscription plan, dietary preferences, etc.  

4. How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription via the website any time you want, no questions asked. There is no need to call, email or anything. Simply log into your Account at https://globalbelly.com/account, click on Manage Subscription -> Manage -> Cancel. That's it!

If you have any trouble with this, email us at hello@globalbelly.com and we will do it for you right away.   

5. Can I purchase just 1 box, and not a subscription? 

Yes. If you’d rather try a single box or give it as a gift, you can select a One-Time box and it's a single purchase that doesn't ever renew. 



1. Where all do you deliver? 

All the items from Pantry-kits and Shop ship nationwide. 

We deliver meal-kits to 21 states on the East Coast. In addition, we also deliver to Chicago and Atlanta and their neighboring cities, but not the rest of IL and GA. You can see our delivery areas in the How It Works section

2. What if I am not at home to accept the delivery? 

We partner with UPS to deliver all our boxes. UPS will leave the box in a safe location if you are not at home to accept the delivery. If you live in a building with a doorman or concierge service, UPS will leave the box with them. If not, UPS will leave the box in a safe location either in the lobby of the apartment building, or outside the door of your house.  

3. How much does shipping cost? 

Shipping for all our recipe meal-kit boxes is free. Pantry kits and other items have free shipping for orders over $30.