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Follow your Inspiration

We live in a world where inspiration is quite literally at our fingertips. Scrolling down our favorite social media feeds can inspire us to try new looks, projects, and hobbies we would never have considered attempting before. Our goal at Global Belly is to help people dive into creating the content that inspires them while also supporting the artists that influence them.

Nearly every product on Global Belly is hand crafted and created by our Tastemakers. Through our platform these creators turn their beautiful and delicious content into shoppable experiences for their fans. For every item bought through a Tastemaker’s store they earn direct revenue share so as you shop on Global Belly you are supporting the artists you love most in the best way possible. Better yet, all the brands that Tastemakers carry on the store are items that they have selected, they have not been paid to feature these brands or products on their store and only earn revenue on purchase. They are selling products they love from brands they love and already use.

From 2019 to 2021 Global Belly grew from just a handful of Tastemaker stores to now close to 100. Tastemakers can now launch a variety of products on their store including virtual classes, recorded tutorials, templates, kits and even subscriptions. There is no minimum purchase and no membership fees to get started. As we continue to add more brands and Tastemakers to the platform we are dedicated to keeping our focus on creating a better ecosystem between creators, businesses and customers.