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Cookies by Wendy Kou

Wendy Kou is a self-taught baker that shares fun and exciting dessert recipes on her blog, Throughout the years, she’s taken her love for cookies to the next level...but just to be clear, she doesn't just love cookies, but she LOVES cookies. The type of love that she would stand on the rooftop of her Brooklyn apartment building to boldly declare her love for! Her favorite are colossal sized stuffed cookies that her social following loves to watch her creations and break open to see what is stuffed inside.


Her cookbook, Colossal Cookies, launched in 2018, features a variety of stuffed cookies, and made its debut at #1 on Amazon’s cookie baking books.
Wendy has been featured by Food Network, Good Morning America, QVC, Buzz Feed, Babble by Disney and many other exciting partners that she’s worked with!