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The Floured Canvas

Jodi Till learned that life after being an empty nester doesn’t stop! It just brings the opportunity to embark on exciting new endeavors and hone in on creativity. After her kids left for college in 2013, Jodi began dabbling into cookie decorating with Royal Icing. She opened up a thriving cookie business in 2014 to help pay for her kids’ college, and now she loves to dedicate her time teaching others how to decorate
awesome gift-giving cookies. You can find a myriad of prerecorded online classes on her website at The Floured Canvas, and if you’re near the Sacramento, CA, area, you can join one of her in-home decorating classes! Jodi is known for her eye-catching unique designs, puffy icing, new cookie techniques, and cutter designs.

She has been/will be featured as an elective teacher, workshop teacher, and core instructor at CookieCon -- the largest cookie convention in the world, has won many awards in this phenomenon of "cookie art," been featured on McGoo U and Cookie Connection, and designs many cookie cutters for this sweet cookie-ing world. She loves to help teach aspiring cookiers how to put creativity onto an edible
canvas to further her motto: Baking Life Sweet.