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Marianitas Cake

My name is Mariana Verenzuela, I was born in Venezuela and I currently live in the city of Miami. From a very young age I already knew that my passion was pastries, for a Christmas gift I only asked for kitchen utensils and ingredients, instead of watching cartoons I watched cooking programs, thanks to my parents who supported me 100% I was able to go to the best schools from my country  (my first course at 7 years old and my first time in a professional cooking school 13 years old). 

My passion has always led me to give 200% of my creativity. I decided to give one step further uniting my love for confectionery and pastry with my undeniable love for social networks and I have created my YouTube channel so that people around the world can learn to make, with me, from the simplest desserts to the most elaborate.

Currently I also work as Executive Pastry Chef for one of the best restaurants in Miami, I teach in classes and in addition to that I have my personal entrepreneurship marianitascake shop.