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Linen & Gray

I’m Emily Loggans, the creator and baker behind Linen & Gray.

I’m a stay at home mom with a sweet tooth and a cold brew obsession. (Trust me, It’s. far superior to any other type of coffee.) I’m a Milwaukee based baker, photographer, and entrepreneur with big dreams. Always by my side and bringing all the laughter is my husband, Stephen and toddler, Noah.
I began cookie decorating in March 2020 (remember that crazy month?) with the intent to have some fun with a potential new hobby during quarantine. Not long after posting on Instagram, I received my first order inquiry. I immediately said yes and went into that order excited but with no idea what I was doing or how to run a cookie decorating business. Now, several months and thousands of cookies later, I am confident and still having so much fun. (And yes, I do have carpal tunnel.